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ADULT WELLNESS ... keeping your friends healthy

What is Adult Wellness?

"Adult Wellness" involves the assessment of your pet's lifestyle and from there, tailoring a wellness program that is best suited to them. Vaccine protocols are established, preventative medications are recommended, and parasite control is maintained to optimize the health of your beloved pet.

Since health and wellness are closely linked to what is eaten, diet recommendations are made that will benefit the pet for the rest of their life.


Things to think about...

• If you have a DOG, don't forget about ticks and Lyme Disease. If you want to read more about this issue, please CLICK HERE

• 1 year in a CAT'S LIFE is equal to 5 years in a human life; 1 year in a DOG'S LIFE is equal to 7 years in a human life. As a result, health problems can develop more quickly than expected. Bringing your pet in for yearly check-ups is the best way to prevent health problems that require veterinary attention.

  • Vaccinating your indoor cat ... It's the law! Why they still need their vaccines.