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SENIOR PET CARE ... keeping your older pet healthy

How old is a "senior pet"?

Senior pets are generally considered pets that are 7 years of age or older.

During their yearly physical exam, a small sample of blood is taken and a routine "Wellness" profile is performed. This blood test looks at the red and white blood cells as well as the function of the liver, kidneys, electrolytes and thyroid function.

Diet is critical as pets age, so the correct recommendation is made based upon your pet's lifestyle and weight to ensure optimal health. Diets to maximize your pet's joint health, as well as reducing the stress on internal organs, are a great tool to keep your special friend happy and active.

When diet isn't enough, both traditional and alternative therapies, along with supplements and/or pain medications, are tailored to meet your pet's special needs.

Since health and wellness are closely linked to what is eaten, diet recommendations are made that will benefit the pet for the rest of their life.

Things to think about...

Wellness Profiles can be carried out on your younger adult pets too, so don't hesitate to talk with your vet about this, if desired.