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VET DENTAL ... healthy teeth are so important

Vet dental care has become one of the most important aspects of your pet's health. Infections in the mouth not only cause bad breath and pain, but have been shown to reduce the life span of the average pet by 3-5 years.

Our goal at the Cornell Animal Hospital is to keep your pet's teeth and mouth as healthy as possible. Dental diets and veterinary recommended chews prevent tartar formation from an early age.

At our clinic, your pet's health is of the utmost importance to us. If a dental cleaning is needed, blood work is done the morning of the procedure to assure your pet's safety while under anaesthetic. The teeth are then cleaned and polished, and dental x-rays are taken if the health of the tooth below the gum line is in question. If teeth need to be extracted, you will be contacted before the extraction is done, or the extractions will be done in a follow-up appointment after appropriate cost estimates and further information are provided. Your pet's comfort is our primary concern and the most effective pain management protocols are followed in all cases.

Aftercare programs are matched to the needs of your pet and are designed to keep their smiles as healthy as possible in the future.

Here are some interesting and relevant "Dental Pet Facts".If, after reading below you suspect your pet may have dental disease, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic.dental infographic

Things to think about...

• With regular cleaning and preventative diets, your pet's teeth and breath will remain clean and fresh, making them less likely to get other infections.

• Dogs and cats will often become more playful, youthful, and will eat better following dentistry. A quiet, less playful personality may not necessarily be a result of age but rather because of chronic pain due to sore teeth and gums.

• Because we feel that healthy teeth are very important to overall health, the Cornell Animal Hospital has greatly reduced the price of a standard dentistry to make it an affordable procedure for all its furry friends.