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VET DIAGNOSTICS... When tests are needed

The Cornell Animal Hospital provides a full array of diagnostic tests for your beloved pet. Blood tests can be done in our clinic the morning of a surgical procedure or during an unexpected emergency to get answers fast.

Specialized blood work and tissue samples are sent to a central laboratory for the utmost in diagnostic accuracy.

Our highly trained technicians evaluate urine and fecal samples using a variety of equipment like the microscope, refractometer and centrifuge.

Our hospital's radiology department provides both state-of-the-art digital dental x-rays, and full-body x-rays.

Ultrasounds can normally be scheduled within 24 hours and are performed by a veterinary specialists (board-certified) who is specially trained in small animal internal medicine. Not only can he determine what is wrong, but he can also work with the doctors at the hospital to come up with the best treatment plans for your pet.

Things to think about...

•Your pet can't tell you what is wrong, so tests are often the only way to know for sure.