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VET SURGERY ... When an operation is required

No worries; your pet will be getting the best possible care:

Our newly expanded surgical suite allows us to do a full range of elective surgeries by our highly trained veterinarians. Our veterinary technician has recently returned to the clinic following a year working with a referral specialist at the Ontario Veterinary College. This excellent experience has allowed us to incorporate the most up-to-date anaesthetic protocols into our daily surgeries. State-of-the-art monitering equipment, along with our highly trained staff, ensure the safety of your loved one while they are with us. Specialty procedures such as cruciate repairs and much more are performed by Dr. Kim Murphy, a board-certified veterinary surgeon.

Things to think about...

• If your pet is ready for a spay or neuter, take advantage of our "booster rewards program". For more information, CLICK HERE